Amazon Alexa

UX Design Internship, Summer 2018

Summer 2018 on the Alexa communications design team (DDG).

I worked in the Devices and Services Design Group for 12 weeks, devising new voice-forward features for communications on Echo devices, from attending customer studies and writing product priorities, to prototyping flows and user testing. The communications domain inclues calling, messaging, drop in, contacts and announcements. I was tasked with defining UX concepts that will drive customer engagement, while creating delightful moments for comms on the home panels of screened devices.

By the end of the summer, I designed a new voice-forward social messaging experience. This feature enables customers to more easily discover contacts via Alexa. It also combines Alexa communications with Amazon's information domain, while building on the existing architecture for messaging. I handed off the project in my final week with 6 formal presentations for our VP of Design, PMs, developers, UX Researchers and Design Directors to continue its lifecyle.

Brief: Create a delightful home screen experience to raise awareness and increase engagement for comms.

"The home screen for Echo devices is a place that presents lightweight, glanceable information that may be relevant to the customer. Currently, the communications team has only a single 'presence' card on screened Echo devices that is tightly integrated with Drop in."