Motion Posters

A collection of miscellaneous animations, 2019

The following animations were created for various assignments during a five-week motion posters course.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Inspired by the traditional motto of the United States, "E pluribus unum," alternatively translated as "One from many," these posters commemorate the 90th Birthday Aniversary of Martin Luther King Jr. 2019. The visual components are meant to deconstruct the phrase and US flag, while the multicolored stars (50 states) celebrate contemporary diversity.

Le Chat Noir, Théophile Steinlen, 1896

I recreated this "Le Chat Noir" by introducing motion. This 19th century entertainment establishment was the first Paris nightclub that is part artist salon, part music hall. The carabet also published a weekly magazine with the same name, featuring literature, poetry and political satire.

The Movie Musical

This is an original poster for an Off-Broadway musical, Spider-Man, Into the Spider-Verse.

Projected Space

"Design a poster for a projected space." This series advertises an imagined 3D space, a cube with mirrored walls that reflect bouncing balls of light infinitely. The object was made with 3.js and can be played with here.

Other exercises


Animate a Verb

Alter: change in character or composition, typically in a small but significant way.

This was my first ever poster animation. Given a list of verbs, I noticed that the word "alter" could be remixed into "alert," a noun, and "later," an adjective. The intent for this exercise was to playfully convey its definition by *alternating* the order of the letters to create new words starting with its root alt.